Meditation has been proven to be a very beneficial activity for your mental and physical health.

Floating in a sensory deprivation tank has multiple benefits for your body and mind. 

Coaching helps you to develop high potentials and facilitates life transitions.

So what if we put all three in the same cocktail? 

Welcome to the next level!

NeuroFloat is a program designed to have a minimal investment in time and a maximum impact in your life. 

It consists of 3 weeks of practise at home ending with a flotation.

NeuroFloat mixes private one-to-one sessions with weekly virtual group meetings to ensure that you get enough personal attention while enjoying the energy of a group course. 

There is the possibility to take the course fully online, just be sure that there is a floating location near your home. 

Still unsure? Some extra facts about floating and meditation: 

• floatation in Epsom salts helps repair muscle injuries, as testified by professional athletes who float daily, like Stephen Curry 

 • minerals improve the feel, appearance and health of your skin 

 • meditation is recommended especially for people with high stress levels 

 • while floating your brain enters automatically in a deep meditative state (theta) 

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