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Soturi Coaching is turning 2 years old and we are going to celebrate it with a small, intimate meditation event. During this 3 hours workshop we will review and feel the benefits of meditation and we will practise breathing exercises.

  • Date: 30/09/2018 11:00
  • Location: Kasarmikatu 34 B 12, 00130 Helsinki (Map)
  • More Info: (NOTE THE NEW TIME!) There is a door-code to enter the building, you will receive it together with extra information upon registration.

Price: 33


It's been a while since the last meditation workshop. Now that Soturi Coaching is turning 2 we have the perfect excuse to gather again and have a full body and mind relaxation session. 

Apart from the traditional guided meditation, this time we are going to have something new: breathing exercises. During this hiatus without workshops I've been researching a lot about the importance of respiration in our health, so I'd like to share with you part of what I've learned, plus we'll go through a powerful breathing exercise from the Wim Hof method. I have been practising it for a while and I can only say that breathing is a really simple and effective tool to improve your life!